From Ruka village to Ruka valley

Experience Ruka from a new viewpoint

Experience the peak of Ruka and the new scenic gondola also without skis

New Village-2-Valley scenic gondola and Village Express chairlift takes you to top of Ruka all year round. Come to test run with a unique scenic gondola beyond the fell and see Ruka from a completely new perspective.

Village-2-Valley and Village Express chairlift are also available to pedestrians and cyclists.. Buy tickets conveniently from the online store, you can get a ticket to the liftport directly to your mobile device.

Buy Pedestrian tickets

Learn more about: Evening rides with snow racer – Snowshoeing tours to Valtavaara Nature Reserve – Price list for pedestrians - Ruka's slope and lift improvements

Snow racing by the sunset

From Saturday to Thursday during January 14th and April 30th at 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm.

Price: Gondola + Snow racer rental 25 €, with a valid ski pass: Snow racer rental 10 €
The price includes a two-hour ticket to the gondola (from 7 pm to 9 pm) and rent of a snow racer. Tickets only from the Ruka village gondola base station.

Come and experience the charms of the snow racer in the slopes that are usually only for skiers and snowboarders. Ride as much as you can in Saarua 16, 18 and Kuru 5 ski slopes between 7:30 pm and 9:00 pm. A transition to the top is done by a Village-2-Valley gondola.

Evening rides with snow racers are suitable for both children and adults, please note that children under 10 years of age can can only participate under adult supervision. You can take your own snow racer with you - make sure it has the brake string which stops the snow racer after crash.

Snowshoeing tours to Valtavaara Nature Reserve ( for groups)

Price starting from 79 € / person

Experience two fell in one go. Overlooked by Ruka fjell, the panoramic view opens up to Lake Kitkajärvi and the Valtavaara Nature Reserve. The snowshoeing trail starts at the Ruka Valley station and it takes you through the scenic forest area to the top of Valtavaara peak and back to Gondola.

Reservations from Rukabooking, tel: +358 8 8600 300 tai
Price includes guided excursion and services, round-trip ticket from Ruka village to Ruka valley and back, equipment and picnic: coffee / tea, lunch bread and sausage. Suitable for adults and childrens.

Self-managed snowshoeing tour to Valtavaara Nature Reserve

Price: 26,50 € / person

The snowshoe routes of Valtavaara can also be experienced independently. Rent snowshoes either from Piste Rental Shop or Vuosselinportti Rental Shop with a packed price of 26,50 € (including a Village-2-Valley round-trip and a 3 hour snowshoe rental). Self-guided tours are great for adults and young people more than 12 years old..

Experience the winter trails of Valtavaara

Ice Sculpture Snowshoe Trail in Ruka Ski Resort

Along the trail you will see ice sculptures that are illuminated with changing colour lights and outdoor festoon lights. Best atmosphere can be reached during or after sunset when the dusk settles in. The trail is located in the forest between Kuru-ski slope and the ski jumping tower f Ruka Ski Stadium, and you will get a nice glimpse towards Ruka Village along the way – maybe even spot some Northern Lights if you are lucky!

Pedestrians - Price list

Type of ticket Adult Children 3-11 yrs.
Senior over 65 yrs.
Single ticket 6 € 4 €
Round-trip 1) 10 € 7 €
Day ticket Village-2-Valley scenic gondola + Rosa & Rudolf Family Park 2) 22 € 18 €

1) Village-2-Valley gondola - a return ticket includes a trip from Ruka village to Ruka valley and back, or from Ruka valley to Ruka village and back. Two single tickets are loaded on the ticket and ticket must be used in the ticket reader at both Ruka village and Ruka Valley gondola loading stations. There is no ticket reader at the intermediate station at the top of Saarua. Village Express roundtrip ticket includes an lift ride to Ruka peak and back to Ruka village with Village Express chair lift. Two single tickets are loaded on the ticket and ticket must be used in the ticket reader at both Ruka village and Ruka peak loading stations. Also mobile ticket available.

2) The Family Park & Gondola day ticket includes entrance to the Rosa & Rudolf Family Park throughout the day and the use of Village-2-Valley gondola for the entire day, according to the opening hours

Shop online!

It is advisable to purchase Ruka's pedestrian tickets in advance from the web shop.. When buying a ticket, you will receive a ticket and a receipt directly to your e-mail and at the lift gate reader, you can display the barcode that came with the ticket from your device screen. If you do not have a mobile device or you want a ticket in paper, you have to print a ticket at home or pick up a ticket from a ticket vending point or a ticket vendor at the outside of Piste Rental Shop.

Buy now, pay later!

When choosing a Klarna invoice as a payment method in Ruka's web shop, you can pay your purchase by either invoice or parts. Check out Klara's services via:


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Ski pass sales points and terms of delivery

We recommend on buying ski passes online. At Ruka you can buy ski passes from Piste rental shop and VuosselinPortti rental shop, the opening hours you can see on their pages. The ski lifts might be closed at times due to weather conditions such as strong wind. In such case Rukakeskus Ltd isn’t obliged to compensate any unused ski passes according to the ski pass general terms of delivery. Please see general terms of delivery regarding ski area services. We reserve the right for changes.