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Rukankyläntie 6

Long-term parking

Using Ruka parkinghall long-term ticket you can drive in and out during your stay at Ruka. The duration of the ticket and payment must be make in advance driving the parkinghall.
The long-term parking ticket is 15€/day.

This is how you pay the long-term ticket:

1. Press long-term ticket button next to cashier monitor.
2. Press parking ticket to cashier.
3. Press long-term button.
4. Choose how many day ticket you want to pay and use the buttons next to monitor. After that press "choose" button.
5. Pay the long-term ticket (15€/day), you can have receipt pressing "receipt" button next to monitor.
6. The cashier gives you a new ticket and receipt to the locker of cashier.
7. REMEMBER ALWAYS USE TICKET WHEN DRIVING IN AND OUT FROM THE PARKINGHALL. (Don't press the button in the barrier, only push the ticket to the machine.)