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Kuusamo - water wonderland!

Kuusamo has a total surface area of 799 km² of water. Water has always been a natural passage for moving from one place to another. Kuusamo's waters attract swimmers, paddlers, anglers and those who wish to spend their holidays in a lakeside cottage. A peaceful summer holiday in a cottage on one of Kuusamo's lakes provides a welcome alternative to the bustle of everyday life. 

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Canoeing in Kuusamo

The total length of classified lake and river canoeing routes in Kuusamo is about 350 km. Classified river waters include the Oulanka, Kitka and Kuusinki rivers and the upper course of the River Iijoki waterway.  

The scenic and easy route along the Oulanka River from Kiutaköngäs rapids downstream to the frontier zone and the upper course of the Iijoki River are both suitable for beginners, whereas the upper course of the Oulankajoki River as well as the Kuusinkijoki and Kitkajoki rivers are exciting routes for more experienced canoeists.

Paddling on lakes

There are lake canoeing routes on the lakes Kitkajärvi, Kuusamojärvi, Muojärvi, Kiitämäjärvi, Kirpistöjärvi, and Suininkijärvi. Staying near the shore is recommended when paddling on the lakes. 

Boating in Kuusamo

If you are not fascinated with rapids shooting or canoeing, you could still go boating! There are about 100 km of boating routes in Kuusamo. Routes can be found on the biggest lakes: Kitka, Kuusamo, and Muojärvi as well as Kiitämä, Kirpistö and Suininki. The routes are marked along the waterway with cairns and signs. Furthermore, the routes are marked on separate boating maps and topographic maps of Maanmittauslaitos (the National Land Survey of Finland). 

You can find two fishing ports in Kuusamo: Ala-Kitka and Sossonniemi as well as in Mourusalmi on the Posio side. On the shores of waterways there are boat harbours, boatcoves and anchorages.

There is a possibility for cruising in a kirkkovene (i.e. church boat) as well, also for rowing a church boat privately. Boating equipment and accessories can be rented from safari organizers.

A church boat? What is it?
In many parts of Finland (in the Lakeland and on the coast) boats have traditionally been more important means of transportation than carts drawn by horses. Church boats, often holding as many as 20 people, used to cross large expanses of open water providing the most convenient means for going to church.  Church boats were also the fastest means of transport as distances were long and roads non-existing. The earliest records of church boats are from the seventeenth century.


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