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OUTDOOR PASSION FINLAND - arctic adventures all year around

Welcome to our winter wonderland, the magical snow covered nature. Are you wondering how to survive and how to be able to enjoy any activities in these conditions? We know how to survive. We were born here. We are happy to take you outdoors even in the winter. Trust us. Do not stay inside just because it is winter and cold. The arctic nature is magical and it would be a shame to leave it unexplored. Curious to know more?


At the Ruka Ski resort you can go ice climbing. The ice wall is different every year, depending on how the ice freezes on the cliff. The ice wall is about 30-35 meters high and very suitable for beginners. We challenge you to do ice climbing! Read more from

Are you hooked on ice climbing after the first try and want to take the challenge one step further? We are happy to take you to the legendary Korouoma Nature Reserve. There are many natural ice falls, with heights between 50-100 meters. It is a very beautiful place to visit, even if you are interested in nature photography or just want to do a day trip hike with an open fire lunch in this impressive canyon with natural ice walls.


We use the OAC skinbased skis in our adventures in the arctic nationalparks. We can take you to places where others do not usually go! We are enjoying winter on ice and snow, and our adventurous activities are always based on safe actions. If you are dreaming, to do an overnight winter hike, but you have no experience, call us. If you want to experience and know, how to survive in the extrem arctic conditions, call us. You will learn the skills and safety thinking, to be able to experience the outdoors even in the winter time! 


We also enjoy the arctic conditions with traditional skinbased skis. We do amazing winter ski tours, having the possibility to test the skis, on shorter or longer tours in deep snow going in magical snowcovered forest. There are great places just by the Ruka ski resort where we can enjoy beautiful views over the surrounding fells and all the way to Russia. If you like to go out in the evening to explore the arctic nature with headlights and fall flat on a lake looking at a sky filled with bright stars and if we are lucky there can be a show  with colourful northern lights on the sky, just for you! Going out with the skinbased skis is very easy and even a beginner can find great pleasure learning to ski and also getting out to explore our backyard with a guide.