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Karhunkierros is not an easy year-round hiking trail. In winter moving on skis or snowshoes is in many parts of the route difficult due to the steep places and very deep snow cover. Only a few hikers attempt to walk the entire Karhunkierros Trail during the winter months. Oulanka National Park is still undoubtedly a fine winter hiking destination. Particularly fine are the steaming rapids on a cold winter day, since the streaming water remain partially open throughout the year. Kiutaköngäs is easily accessible from the Oulanka Visitor Center and the photogenic Myllykoski from the Juuma parking lot.

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On the Kiutaköngäs path (2 km) you can admire the magnificent river scenery of the Oulankajoki rapids and enjoy the atmosphere and majestic red dolomite walls overlooking the waters. The route is a one-way road and the starting point is the Oulanka Visitor Center.  The Visitor Center is also the starting point of other short day trails, such as Hiiden Hurmos (5 km) and Könkään Keino (8 km), which are both walkable with snowshoes during the winter months. The Oulanka wilderness trail (26 km) is a winter trail from Kiutaköngäs to Juuma, that can be traveled by skis or snowshoes. Juuma village, located next to the Kitkajoki, acts as a starting point for the day route Pieni Karhunkierros (12 km) known for its spectacular scenery. Despite the deep snow cover in the park, the Kiutaköngäs Trail and Pieni Karhunkierros remain walkable all year round due to the large amount of hikers during the winter months.

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Although the Oulanka area around the river canyon is not really suitable for cross-country skiing, the northern areas of the park with its vast swamps and flat forests are very suitable for forest skiing. The Kerojärvi wilderness hut attracts year after year winter hikers and skiers with its sauna, welcoming weary travelers to bask in its relaxing heat. 
The Koillismaa fells are famous for its heavy snowfall and picturesque snowy trees. Great places to spot crown snow-loaded trees include Valtavaara and Riisitunturi National Park, both of which have memorable skiing and hiking trails with spectacular views.

Winter Trails in Oulanka National Park