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The region's most famous sights, such as Kiutaköngäs, Jyrävä waterfall and the rapids of Kitkajoki are impressive throughout the year. However, some things should be considered when planning the time of your trip. May is the month of the flood, when even small streams overflow to ten-meter-wide masses of water and the river overflows on the paths close to the river in many places. However, during the flood month you can make day trips to Kiutaköngäs or Myllykoski and marvel at the force of the water! On the first day of June starts Karhunkierros hiking season, which will continue throughout the summer and fall.

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In the summer, Oulanka National Park is a great place to discover and spot the unusual plant species that are found along the Karhunkierros but also on shorter daytrip routes within the park. The perceptive hiker can detect rare migratory birds, such as the little bunting (Emberiza pusilla) or the spotted redshank (Tringa erythropus). Downstream, along the Oulanka River, sandy beaches invite you to swim and paddle on a hot day. By buying a fishing license you may also fish on the waters during the fishing season 1.6.-31.8.

Activities at Oulanka Nationa Park

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On the Kiutaköngäs path (2 km) you can admire the magnificent river scenery of the Oulankajoki rapids and enjoy the atmosphere and majestic red dolomite walls overlooking the waters. The route is a one-way road and the starting point is the Oulanka Visitor Center. The path is accessible by foot all year round. Hikers can rest at the sheltered camp fire place nearby. The Visitor Center is also the starting point of other short day trails: Hiiden Hurmos (5 km) and Rytisuo Nature Trail (5 km). The Könkään Keino (8 km) route follows the Hiiden Hurmos for a while, seperating into a trail of its own later on and then returning to the Visitor Center along the Oulanka River. Könkään kuohu is an unobstructed path (150 m) suitable for families with small children or moving with a wheelchair. The wonders of Kiutaköngäs are easily accessed through this route. The route also serves as the starting point of the canoeing route. From the Savilampi parking lot you can easily access the day route Kanjonin kurkkaus (6 km) which leads hikers through varying forest terrain in northern Oulanka. The trail presents an amazing view of the Oulanka canyon.

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Juuma village, located next to the Kitkajoki, acts as a starting point for the day route Pieni Karhunkierros (12 km) known for its spectacular scenery. Finland's most famous and longest hiking trail in the park is the Karhunkierros Trail (82 km), which is also one of the most easily accessible long hiking trails in Finland. Although it is not a circle trail, successful transition to the starting point and departure after the hike is possible either by public transportation, your own car or by taxi. The Karhunkierros bus takes you from Ruka to Juuma, to Ristikallio starting place, Hautajärvi and on certain days to the Oulanka Visitor Center, as well as back.

Trails in Oulanka National Park