Northern Lights & Polar Night

Ready for some aurora spotting?

Statistically, the Northern Lights are most likely to be spotted from mid-August to mid-April.  The best places for spotting the Northern Lights in Ruka area are Juhannuskallio (accessible by car), Valtavaara ja Konttainen. An adventurous Northern Light spotter will make a snowshoe or Nordic ski trip to Riisitunturi National Park and stay overnight on the hut on top of the fjell! 

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Aurora accommodation

Glass roof gives you a perfect opportunity for aurora hunting comfortably. Aurora accommodation comes in all sizes and shapes.

Polar Night

Polar Night is the time period in December-January when the sun does not rise at all in the northernmost Lapland. On Kuusamo's level the winter days are very short and it seems like there's virtually no daylight. Actually December has three hours of daylight and November and January even five hours of daylight. The sun does not rise very high, so it seems like true Polar Night. 

If with this little amount of daylight the winter in Kuusamo is full of light due to the snow cover. The slopes in Ruka are lit in the mornings and evenings, and the light is reflected from the clouds and snow. Also the cross-country ski trails are lit, so you can go skiing in the morning and in the evening. Polar Night Light Festival brings more light and color to the sceneries of Ruka during January-February. 

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