New in Ruka Ski Resort


In winter season 2018–2019, Ruka’s ski experience is revolutionized with Finland’s most encompassing Express-lift network. Village-2-Valley scenic gondola running over the fell combines the evolving Ruka Valley area seamlessly to the services of the current pedestrian village. A brand new VillageExpress-chairlift and a new slope are built to the front slopes. The growing network of Express-lifts provides the skiers with over 20 slopes. With the renewals, we are capable of serving other customers alongside skiers ever more comprehensively as Village-2-Valley gondola lift and VillageExpress-chairlift are open to pedestrians all year round. Learn more about Ruka’s ski areas


Finland’s fastest lift offers great views

Gondola lift’s speed and user-friendliness take Ruka’s service level to brand new heights. Village-2-Valley scenic gondola replaced Kuru-chairlift and run to fell’s east side via Saarua’s peak. Passengers can board and get off at all three stations: in Ruka village next to Piste, at the top of Saarua and in the center of the new Ruka Valley area next to Ski Bistro restaurant. All Ruka Express-lifts, VillageExpress, VuosseliExpress and SaaruaExpress, are accessible on skis from the gondola. Due to unobstructed design, one can easily take a ride in gondola in a wheelchair, with baby carriage or bicycle. On the way, the gondola can reach up to 6,6 m/s speed, but the takeoff and getting off are made pleasant, since the gondola notably slows down at the stations. The highest pole of the scenic gondola rises close to 31 meters high at Ruka Park which makes the lift the highest running gondola in Finland. The gondola lift is energy efficient, since the units won’t need to run empty, but instead, the gondola can stay at the station waiting for passengers. One gondola unit fits 8 passengers and the line carries altogether 12 gondola units. You can familiarize yourself with the new gondola at the scenic gondola’s starting point in front of Piste. 

Village-2-Valley scenic gondola’s technical information:

  • Base station Ruka Village 358 m above sea level
  • Intermediate station Saarua 430 m above sea level
  • Base station Ruka Valley 317 m above sea level
  • Journey length 1319 m (Ruka Village–Ruka Valley)
  • Travel time: 100 sec to the top, approx. 6 min from Ruka Valley to Ruka Village
  • Speed 6,6 m/s
  • Boarding speed at stations 0,3 m/s
  • Lift capacity 522 pers./h
  • 15 lift poles are constructed in between the bottom station and top station, highest one is 31 m

Take a look how we build the gondola


The new six-seater chairlift VillageExpress replaced the front slopes’ II-chairlift and considerably shorten travel time as the ride with VillageExpress from the front side of Piste to the top of Ruka will only take one and a half minutes. The chairlift equipped with a transparent canopy covers passengers from wind and a novel guard rail that lands in between legs makes the lift ride even safer. The detaching technique of the chairlifts enables the lift to slow down at the top and bottom stations making boarding and getting off easy and calm. Passengers with their skis or snowboard attached to their feet will find the rotating take off carpet of the VillageExpress handy and bicycles have their own racks in storm chairs without a canopy. The chair hall at the bottom station guarantees that the passenger will have dry and snowless seats at their use every single morning.

VillageExpress chairlift’s technical information:

  • Base station 358 m above sea level
  • Top station 497 m above sea level
  • Journey length: 440 m
  • Travel time: 1,5 min
  • Speed 5 m/s
  • Boarding time at stations 0,7 m/s
  • Lift capacity 3000 pers. / h'
  • 7 lift poles are constructed in between the bottom station and top station


Along with the construction of the new lift, also the slope base will undergo renewals. A new slope will be built in between FIS-slope and Front slope 1 which aims to serve as an easily skiable transition slope. At the same time, Front slope 1’s slope profile will change as the slope’s final part will be flattened and widened to reach the width of approx. 35-40m. Moving from Talvijärvi slope to Front slope 1 will be smoother than ever as the slope is widened by mining the rock next to the FIS-slope’s bottom part. Also Front slope 1’s lighting and snowmaking equipment will be improved.


Ruka Village is accompanied by the new Ruka Valley village center, which is built to the fell’s east side in Vuosseli. First one to emerge in the area is Ski-Inn Hotel RukaValley, which opened in December of 2019 and is situated right by the slopes and next to Valtavaara nature reserve. RukaValley’s apartments are now in pre-marketing – check out and book your own Ski-Inn apartment from the fell's top location.