New at Ruka and Kuusamo

Ruka-Kuusamo is developing all the time

We aim to make the best ever holiday experience for you - with respect to the magnificent surrounding nature. Welcome to enjoy the new services and activities.

Novelties for summer 2021

Lufthansa will be the first international airline to operate to Northern Finland during the summer. Scheduled summer flights from Frankfurt to Kuusamo will take place on Saturdays during 17.7.–30.10.2021. 

Summer 2021 will see the rise of the longest zipline in Finland, in between two peaks of Ruka Ski resort. There's also a great new waterpark at Ruka village. New events include the exciting Oulanka Downhill Swim, a challenge of 24 km river swimming.

The City of Kuusamo invests EUR 1 million in the largest and most versatile mountain biking destination in Finland with the help of the EAFRD. Construction of the Ruka Bike Park begun during summer 2020 and will be completed during summer of 2021. There are already good opportunities for cycling in the Ruka-Kuusamo area, but soon mountain bikers will enjoy a unique mountain biking infra on a Finnish scale. There are about a dozen new mountain biking and downhill trails and technical training tracks, the first of which have been completed during the summer of 2020.

More about Ruka Bike Park

After renovation during winter 2020-2021 and summer 2021 Pyhän Jyssäys Trail is now allowed for biking. Please note: The last wide boardwalks will be built along Pyhän Jyssäys during summer 2021. Please stay on the boardwalks and avoid moving around them to protect the vulnerable species in the moist sections of the trail. 

Valtavaara Trail has also been renovated during winter 2020-2021, but unfortunately biking has been forbidden in Valtavaara due to erosion on the vulnerable areas.

Mountain biker at sunset at Ruka Ski Resort, Ruka-Kuusamo

New services at Ruka and Kuusamo for winter 2020-2021

To ease up the possible rush hours on slopes during the Finnish Winter Holiday weeks, all Express chair lifts open already at 8.00 during 21.2.-11.3.2021. Check opening hours for lifts and slopes >

We are happy to tell you about several new restaurants in Ruka area: A new fast food restaurant Kamina was opened in Ruka Valley in February 2021. POLAR snow bar at the top of Saarua (next to gondola) offers an excotic mix of snow, fire, urban structures and creative light work. Rukan Salonki area opened a new private restaurant, Wilderness Restaurant Kymppi in December 2020. Bar Ihku Ruka opened its doors in Scandic Rukahovi premises at the end of December 2020. A new bistro style restaurant Urban Owl has been feeding hungry holiday makers since November 2020, offering also takeaway meals. 

Talvipuisto activity park for kids at RukaValley is a place to enjoy a taster of husky sled rides, reindeer sled rides, kids' snowmobiles and miniature ATV rides. Price 10 €/person/activity, duration appr. 5 min/activity. Talvipuisto opening hours vary (information only in Finnish). 

There are a couple of new departure times in Ruka SkiBus and a totally new Lammintupa Bus operates 2-3 days per week from Ruka village to the adventures of Winter Village Lammintupa from mid-December until the beginning of March.

And good news for electric car drivers: we've added the number of electric car charging stations around Ruka and Kuusamo and there are now high speed chargers  along the way from Helsinkin to Ruka, more information on page Getting here

New winter trails 2020-2021: Lammintupa 6 km and Riisitunturi 20 km

Lammintupa 6 km winter trail for fatbikers and walkers takes you from Uuttusuo ski trail Cafe to Lammintupa and back. This trail is available for bikers and walkers. This trail can be accessed via pedestrian routes from Ruka village and RukaValley (last section travels along Vuosselinrinne road).

Riisitunturi National Park 20 km winter trail for fatbikers, walkers and skiers travels along the peaks of Riisitunturi via the wilderness hut and two lean-to shelters. The starting and ending point of the trail is at the recently enlargened parking lot of Riisitunturi National Park

Renovations at Oulanka and Riisitunturi National Parks during summer 2020

Parking place at Riisitunturi National Park has been enlarged. Stairs and boardwalks have been repaired along several trails, including stairs along Karhunkierros on the North side of Konttainen, at Jyrävä and along Kanjonin kurkkaus trail. A new wood shed has been built at Siilastupa along Pieni Karhunkierros trail. These renovations ensure the safety and comfort of hikers along the trails as well as protect the surrounding nature. 

The amount of hikers at our national parks is growing rapidly and this has caused some unfortunate side effects such as littering, unauthorized campfires, cutting down wood etc. Our outdoor etiquette gives you five simple instructions while hiking and enjoying our national parks.