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Kuusamo College is a non-formal education centre located in Kuusamo town, 25 km from Ruka village. It is an education centre for people of all ages. It welcomes both local students and also students from outside Kuusamo. The college comprises of three independent schools: the folk high school, the community college and Summer University. The college premises are located on a beautiful campus in the centre of Kuusamo, very close to the city services.

Arts, handicrafts and photography

Kuusamo College has long traditions of teaching courses on arts, handicrafts and photography. There are both longer lines of study, up to a full semester, and also shorter courses. Recently the college has developed especially the photography courses, improving i.e. the settings and equipment. There are professional and modern teaching facilities (iMac-class, well equipped studio and darkrooms for black-and-white working, and also computers with software (Adobe Master Collection and Lightroom with panorama software). The focus point is nature photography, but also other specialities are included.

From the art and handicraft courses the most popular ones are graphic art, bronze moulding and shoemaking, bringing keen hobbyists to the campus every summer. There are also courses on painting, silverwork and knife-making.

In addition, there are different events and courses for sports, wellbeing, dance, and local culture and history. 

We also provide accommodation services for students, visitors and tourists on our beautiful and peaceful campus in the middle of Kuusamo town. For groups we arrange meals and tailor-made programs, e.g. visits to reindeer and husky farms.