Hossa - the 40th national park in Finland

Hossa became the 40th Finnish National Park in the middle of June 2017. Part of Hossa National Park is located in Kuusamo in Julma Ölkky canyon lake area.  Hossa is a paradise for anyone keen to go fishing or canoeing in natural waters surrounded by wild green forests. Hossa has a wide variety of trails: you can walk in the footsteps of Finland's Stone Age settlers, who made mysterious shamanistic paintings on the cliffs at Värikallio thousands of years ago. 

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It takes about an hour to drive from Kuusamo to Hossa and about 1,5 hours from Ruka. HossaBus will take you for daytrips from Ruka or Kuusamo city centre to Hossa - available 3.6.-7.8.2019. There's also a bus connection to Oulu from Hossa Bus, as well as to Kuusamo Airport from Hossa.

Bus connection to Hossa

Julma Ölkky

Julma Ölkky is a ruggedly magnificent canyon lake with shore cliffs that have sheer drops in excess of 50 metres in places. The lake is around 3 kilometres long, 20 – 100 metres wide, and has a depth of 42 metres. 

On the eastern shores of the lake close to the northern section of the lake is an arched cavity in the rock called Pirunkirkko, the Devil’s Church, which according to legend was home of the Devil. There are a number of streams that fall from the cliffs on the eastern side of the lake, some of which are named “Rainbow Springs” due to the play on colour the falling water produces. 

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Mon-Sun at 10-19 (15.6.-15.8.) or at 11-16 (16.-30.8.), 15 €/adults and 9 €/kids.

Ölkky amazing stone paintings

The rock formation on the eastern shore of the lake has the Ölkky Stone Age rock paintings. Guided boat trips are arranged on the lake in summer. There are several daytrip trails in Hossa and julma Ölkky area. For instance the Ölökynähkäsy route runs around the lake and covers a distance of 10 kilometres. 

Julma Ölkky boat cruises