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Delightful finnhorse sleightrip for the whole family

At the start of the program, we harness the horse infront of the sleigh and travel on sleigh to enjoy the beautiful winter scenery. The idyllic countyside scenery and the squeeking snow calms even the busiest minds.
The sleigh rides are fit for all ages. Some of the travellers can enjoy the sleighride under a comfy blanket, others can travel alongside with either islandic horses or finnish horses. The mascots, the hiking goat Väinö or the mini shet Venni might also join us as co-guides.
After the ride we spend a calming moment with the horses, and let them in the barn to chew on hay. We also enjoy both sweet and salty servings at the old village blacksmiths smithy.
The whole duration of the trip is around an hour, depending on the size of the group. Groupsize 2-10 people. Minimun billing is 2 adults, weather reserve.

  • Adults 35€
  • Children under 12y - 20€

The program includes guide services, sleighrides, glogg, a sweet bun and a sausage.

Product info

01.11.2017 - 31.12.2018
Group size
2 - 12 persons
1 h
Dependig of numer of persons.
35€/adult, child 20€
Meskusvaarantie 79B, 0,5 hr drive from Ruka.
English, Finnish