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Kumpare Gym and Rosa&Rudolf Activity House - CLOSED

Kumpare gym closed at the moment according to government instructions.

Kumpare gym with HUR equipment and indoor Rosa&Rudolf activity house for children. 

Arrive to the gym/activity house only when you are completely healthy. Wash your hands before going, washing place at the dressing rooms and toilets. Clean all the equipment after use and please remember to maintain the safety distance to other clients.

The gym is open the same hours as Ruka Info payments to Ruka info. We are located in the bottom floor of Shopping Center Kumpare, right in the heart of Ruka village.

Gym entrance fees
person 11 €
5 entrances 49 €
10 entrances 97 €
1 month 89 €

Towel 5 €
Shower adult 6 €
Shower child 4 €

GYM entrance fees for longer periods:
3 months 159 €
6 months 229 €
12 months 369 €

With a valid season ski pass you get -50% for one time entrance. Please notice, the benefit is personal. 

Rosa&Rudolf activity house is for the children from 1 to 12 years. Children are under parents supervision. Due to covid-19 we have had to take out some parts of the playing area, prices during this period:

Entrance fee for 2 hours: 9 € / child (normal 13€)
Entrance fee for more than 1 child, 2h: 8 € / child (normal 11€)

One child can visit adventure house for free with a valid ski pass. 1 child / 1 ski pass / 1 day. Ski pass must be shown to Ruka info staff beforehand. Pleace notice, Family Park entrance ticket is not valid.