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Ruka Holiday store
E.g., 23.01.2018
Ruka Holiday store
Summer in Ruka and Kuusamo is full of adventures. Rafting, canoeing, hiking, biking, fishing, horseback riding and lots of other activities are waiting for you!

Ruka Holiday store
Flight, train, bus...

Flight to Kuusamo or train to Oulu now under 130 € return.

Ruka Holiday store
Offers & Packages

Package deals and offers for the whole Ruka-Kuusamo area - book now!

Ruka Holiday store
Tickets to the best night clubs!

The top Finnish artists and the best party in the nights clubs of Ruka village.

Ruka Holiday store
Ski Passes
Buy your skipass online and save money.

Family ski pass: 30 % additional discount for the children!


Groups & Meetings

Located in Northern Finland on the Arctic Circle, this untamed environment is the ideal backdrop for great challenges - and even greater achievements. Kuusamo is more than a place on the map - it’s a year-round inspiration for people who want to excel.

Upgrade from Business Class to Arctic Adventure

At Kuusamo we believe adventure is the essence of life. That's why we offer something for everyone. Whether it be a speeding snowmobile or a quiet moment beneath the Northern Lights, we help make your memories unforgettable. Naturally, your comfort and safety is top priority. We provide professional wilderness guides, the latest equipment and a profound knowledge of local terrain. All you have to do is provide the desire to experience new things. It's that simple.

Together, we can conquer the Northern Wilderness

"Only the courageous can clear a path through the snow!" says an old Finnish proverb. Today, corporate trailblazers are leading the way for their businesses. And they need the skills people in the Arctic wilderness have depended on for millennia. You survive in this polar environment by working together, not by going at it alone. Best of all, this exceptional setting brings out the best in your team members - it unites them and strengthens their resolve to succeed in the workplace. After Kuusamo your team will be ready for the new challenges posed by the global marketplace. Get in touch with our sales services (below) or fill in our offer request form

Combine Work and Pleasure!

Wild, diverse nature, 200 snow-filled days a year and the solid experience of the local tour organisers will open the doors to you for an unforgettable winter adventure. In Kuusamo, you will meet the spirit of snow whose secrets warm you with enchanting memories of the magical frozen North. These unique surroundings invite you to dive with all your senses into the pure essence of Mother Nature, a part of winter’s timeless existence.

Besides conventional hiking through the wild, you can also traverse the fells on snowshoe, skis, reindeer- or husky-pulled sled – or snowmobile for those who want a faster pace. The region boasts over 1,500 kilometres of well-groomed and interconnected snowmobiling tracks, even reaching into Russian territory, providing an absolutely unforgettable adventure. A programme that features a visit to a reindeer or husky ranch will give you a true glimpse of traditional Lapp lifestyle and culture. Many horse ranches, too, welcome guests throughout the winter.

The scope of winter activities offer incredible breadth, from self-planned trekking to the most extraordinary types of guided sports and multiple-day safaris. Along with pre-planned customized package trips, you can select from ready-made weekly programmes, which offer a wide variety of things to do and experience every day of the week. Naturally, your comfort and safety is a top priority. We provide professional wilderness guides, the lates equipment and a profound knowledge of local terrain. You provide the desire to experience new things. It's that simple. Not to forget the breath-taking sceneries with the snow-covered trees, a landscape not easy to forget!

snowmobiles kuntivaara rukaadventures finland lapland
Snowmobile Safari to Russian Border
Memorable moments both at winter dusk or in the bright spring sunlight!
195€ / Person
riverfloating koskikellunta Ruka Adventures Kuusamo Lapland
River floating - Arctic adventure
Unforgettable Arctic adventure - exciting and relaxing floating in the wintry river Kitka!
79€ / Person
Ice Karting start Ruka Adventures Finland Lapland
Ice Karting
Exciting ice karting competition in Formula 1 style!
50€ / Person
Snowshoeing in Oulanka Nationsl Park with Ruka Adventures
Snowshoeing trip to Oulanka National park Mon and Sat at 10am
75€ / Adult
Hiking at Valtavaara near Ruka, Ruka-Kuusamo, Lapland, Finland
Hiking trip to Valtavaara fell (492m)
260€ / Group
Couple Massage | Ruka Beauty & Wellness
Massage at the same time in same room.
159€ / Group
Mountain biking, bike, bikers, rough, Ruka-Kuusamo, Lapland, Finland
Up and downhill mountain biking tour around Ruka fell
130€ / Group
Snowmobile safari to the russian border Ruka Kuusamo
Snowmobile safari to the Russian border (100km)
True adventure in the stunning sceneries of Kuntivaara!
215€ / Adult
Ice fishing Ruka Kuusamo
Ice Fishing trip
Try one of the most favorite hobbies amongst Finns!
60€ / Adult
Landscapes from fell Konttainen, Ruka-Kuusamo, Lapland, Finland
Introduction to Nordic Walking, and trip to conquer The Ruka Fell (500m)
100€ / Group
Kota Cooking
Welcome to prepare a gourmet meal in a traditional Lappish hut with the help of the Klubi hostesses.
80€ / Person
Snowshoehike to Oulanka
Snowshoe hike to Oulanka National Park
See the Oulanka National Park at its winter outfit!
89€ / Adult
Floating in the Rapids (Mon-Sat)
In the freezing weather and snow-covered shores, make your way to the open rapids and go with the stream!
79€ / Person
Seita Forest Spa - Three Saunas
Enjoy an experience of three different saunas, and a meal and drinks by the fireplace
595€ / Group
Lappish wild food dinner
Lappish Wild food dinner in Iisakki Village
Traditional Lappish 3-course dinner in Iisakki Village ́s old main house Iisakin Talo.
55€ / Adult
Outdoor Passion Finland Iceclimbing at Ruka Ski resort (beginners)
Ice Climbing at Ruka
Ice climbing at Ruka!
85€ / Person
One day ice fishing trip to Russia
Tervetuloa kokemaan Venäjän kalaiset vedet!
269€ / Person
Starlight snowmobile safari Ruka Adventures Finland Lapland
Northern Lights snowmobile safari
Experience the magic of snowy wilderness and dark starry sky while searching for Northern lights
80€ / Adult
Day as a Finn
Welcome to our countryside family estate to experience the Finnish lifestyle.
80€ / Adult
Product name Price Duration Company Season
2 hours trail riding with Islandic horses 60€ / Person 2 h 01.06.2017 - 31.12.2018
Floating in the Rapids (Mon-Sat) 79€ / Person 3 h 01.06.2017 - 30.04.2018
Kota Cooking 80€ / Person 3 h 01.09.2017 - 30.09.2018
River floating - Arctic adventure Book online 79€ / Person 2 h 30 min 10.10.2017 - 31.05.2018
Day as a Finn 80€ / Adult 3 h 01.11.2017 - 15.04.2018
Ice Fishing trip Book online 60€ / Adult 3 h 01.11.2017 - 12.04.2018
Snowshoeing trip to Oulanka National park Mon and Sat at 10am Book online 75€ / Adult 2 h 30 min 25.11.2017 - 31.03.2018
Couple Massage | Ruka Beauty & Wellness 159€ / Group 60 min 26.11.2017 - 30.11.2018
Snowshoe hike to Oulanka National Park Book online 89€ / Adult 4 h 01.12.2017 - 22.04.2018
Ice Karting Book online 50€ / Person 1 h 01.12.2017 - 14.04.2018
Northern Lights snowmobile safari Book online 80€ / Adult 2 h 01.12.2017 - 15.04.2018
One day ice fishing trip to Russia 269€ / Person 14 h 01.12.2017 - 31.03.2018
Snowmobile Safari to Russian Border Book online 195€ / Person 6 h 01.12.2017 - 14.04.2018
Snowmobile safari to the Russian border (100km) Book online 215€ / Adult 6 h 01.12.2017 - 15.04.2018
Ice Climbing at Ruka 85€ / Person 20.12.2017 - 30.04.2018
Lappish Wild food dinner in Iisakki Village Book online 55€ / Adult 3 h 23.12.2017 - 15.04.2018


You can book everything at once. We are here for you! Contact details are presented below, or you can leave a contact request

Rukakeskus / RukaBooking
RukaBooking organizes everything for skiing - with just one phone call!
Hotel Cumulus Resort Rukahovi (former Rantasipi Rukahovi)
Finland´s Best Ski Hotel 2015 at the Ruka ski resort in Kuusamo!
Rukapalvelu | Tailored Adventures
With 25 years of experience! Professional guides, exotic wilderness resorts, meetings, saunas and overnight accommodation.
Ruka Safaris Ltd
Accommodation, also for large groups! Activities, camping area and restaurant services!
Ruka Adventures
Full service safari house and DMC offers tailor made programs and meetings according to your wishes all year round!
Oivangin Lomakartano
Oivangin Lomakartano is a haven of peace or a starting point for great adventures in the nature!
Rukatunturintie 9
93830 Rukatunturi
+358 8 8600 300
Tel: +358 200 48126 (0,17 eur/call + 0,75 eur/min)
E-mail groups&meetings sales +358 (0)200 373 23 (0,17 eur/call + 0,75 eur/min)
Kylpyläntie 5
93600 Kuusamo
+358 30 686 4400
Rukankyläntie 13
+358 10 2710 500
Kirkkotie 23
93600 Kuusamo
+358 (0)20 1234 693 (8,35 cents/call + 16,69 cents/minute when calling from Finland)
Rukarinteentie 1
93830 Rukatunturi
+358 8 8521610
Rukanriutta 11
93830 Rukatunturi
+358 8 8522 007
Junganjoentien 3-4
+358 40 5284 787, +358 400 106 121
Saarenkyläntie 1 B
93800 Kuusamo
+358 40 509 8085

Oivanki Outdoor Ecucation Centre

Rovaniementie 62 a
93999 Kuusamo
+358 40 860 8608

Best of Arctic

Rukankyläntie 8
93830 Rukatunturi
+358 20 741 3710


Kuusamo is one of the most popular conference locations in Northern Finland. Our new Ruka Conference Centre enables even more versatile and bigger meetings, exhibitions and conferences. In Kuusamo and Ruka you will find meeting facilities for all purposes, whether you arrange a meeting for a couple of persons or a conference for 1500 people. An important characteristic of a conference in Kuusamo is the smoothness of the arrangements. Kuusamo is within easy reach both by road and air with Finnair flying here at least 6 days a week. 

Conference and meeting facilities

Ruka Conference Center's location in the centre of Ruka Ski Resort and the variable meeting halls and rooms make it very popular as a meeting location. Be sure to make your bookings well in time! The multifaceted Culture and Congress Center Kuusamo Hall utilizes state-of-the-art conference and sound reproduction technology. The premises adapt to the size and needs of your group. Excellent restaurant services and co-operation with other service providers make arranging your occasion smooth. Original Sokos Hotel Kuusamo  is at Kuusamo centre and has many meeting rooms to choose from, smaller ones and the 250 person Kuusamosali Hall. Kuusamon Tropiikki has many smaller meeting rooms.

Conferencing in the wilderness

Our safari organizers provide you numerous wilderness camps with gourmet catering and overnight accommodation for groups up to 100 guests. Traditional Finnish farming and logging buildings have also been transformed into exotic meeting locations. Rukapalvelu has wilderness camps which offer natural enjoyment and stimuli in a suitable mix. If you really want to surprise your guests, take them to Kontioluola (Bear Cave), an underground meeting room and restaurant, where events for up to 350 guests can be arranged. There are many more reservation restaurants and wilderness camps for meetings and seminars. It's an excellent alternative for an ordinary conference room: guests get new ideas and the occasion will be remembered! 

For further information please contact our sales services. You will need only one contact person - we are all familiar with the many options of Kuusamo. Just give us an idea, and we'll do the rest! Fill in the contact request form.

Ruka Conference Center
The Ruka conference centre in connection with the Hotel Rantasipi Rukahovi offers excellent framework for occasions with up to...
Ruka Safaris Ltd accommodation & safaris
Sleep well in the luxurious accommodation of Ruka Safaris.
Original Sokos Hotel Kuusamo
Original Sokos Hotel Kuusamo is a cosy and friendly hotel, close to both unspoilt nature and the centre of a wilderness town.
Kuusamo Hall
Culture and congress center Kuusamo Hall is located in the heart of Kuusamo city, surrounded by beautiful nature.
Rukankyläntie 6
93830 Rukatunturi
+358 8 8600 300 RukaBooking
Rukankyläntie 15
93830 Rukatunturi
Tel: +358 200 48126 groups&meetings sales +358 (0)200 373 23 (0,17 eur/call + 0,75 eur/min), groups &meetings sales:
Rukarinteentie 1
08-852 1610
Kirkkotie 23
93600 Kuusamo
+358 (0)20 1234 693 (8,35 cents/call + 16,69 cents/minute when calling from Finland)
Heikinjärventie 3
93999 Kuusamo
+358 (0) 400 972 260
Mobile+358 (0) 40 706 6839
Mestantie 1
93830 Rukatunturi
+358 400 819 840
Kaarlo Hännisen tie 2
+358 40 860 8800

Private Restaurant Ukonkivi

Junganjoentie 2 c
93999 Kuusamo
+358 8 851 1980
Mobile+358 40 528 4787, +358 400 106 121