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Fishing safari on Petäjälampi pond (no guidance)

Come and try your fisherman's luck on Petäjälampi pond!

There is hardly a lake, pond, river or stream in Kuusamo with no fish in them. In the deep waters of Lake Petäjälampi its natural inhabitants of pike and perch are joined by grayling, powan and salmon introduced to the lake. Here you have every possibility of a fine catch! The easiest way to begin a family fishing trip is to hire fishing equipment from Kuusamo Safaris, a fishing rod for the younger ones and spinning rod for grown ups.

Take to the lake on a rowing boat and after prepaing your baits it won'ttake long for the first bites by fish making the spinning rod's float merrily pop up and down in the ripples. Pull up your rod when the float disappears altogether into the lake to see if you've caught a perch or if a bigger, more valuable catch passing by just snatched your bait. Never mind, you can always find another, hopefully better place to fish on the lake. Perhaps the fish hide between the reeds... After an enjoyable fishing trip you can actually smoke your own catch for a tasty meal.