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Facts about Ruka and Kuusamo

Facts and numbers about Ruka-Kuusamo area.

Facts about Ruka and Kuusamo in Lapland:

  • in winter: ski resort Ruka, national parks, Ruka pedestrian village, cross country tracks, snowmobiling routes and great variety of guided winter activities
  • in summer: the magnificent nature in Kuusamo — National Parks Oulanka, Riisitunturi, Syöte, Pyhä and Paanajärvi (the latter in Russia), Karhunkierros hiking trail, Kitka and Oulanka rivers, steep hills and numerous lakes with lots of fish

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Facts about Ruka Ski Resort:

  • Ruka in Lapland is the largest ski resort in Finland comparing skiing days and sales: During ski season 2020-2021 ski pass sales almost 12,9 m€ and nearly 483 000 skiing days.
  • 35 groomed runs, biggest vertical 201 m and longest run 1300 m. The top of Ruka is 492 meters above sea level.
  • Groomed runs altogether 20 km: 41 % blue/beginner, 43 % red/intermediate and 16 % black/advanced.
  • Effective snow making on all runs and 26 illuminated runs.
  • 22 lifts: 4 chairs with super fast VuosseliExpress, SaaruaExpress and VillageExpress detachable chair lifts. Village-2-Valley scenic gondola.
  • FIS rated Vuosseli Super Pipe, Snow Park & Street, Ski/Boarder Cross course and a moguls run, Battery Run, suitable for international competitions (length 225 m, vertical 106 m, steepness 52 % i.e 29 degrees) and FIS rated slalom run.
  • 4 rental shops: over 2500 sets of alpine ski equipment, 400 sets of snowboards and 200 sets of cross-country skis.
  • 5 groomers and over 105 snow guns.
  • The biggest and oldest ski school in Finland, Ski School Ruka, 180 instructors (mostly part-time).
  • Ski season from October to May (over 200 days). During season 2020-2021 the first two slopes opened on 2.10.2020 and the first snow ski trail will open on 12.10.2020 at Ruka village. Ski season will carry on until 9.5.2021; altogether 219 skiing days.
  • Slopes are open every day 9.30 a.m - 7 p.m. according to weather conditions. Ski lift opening hours >
  • Night skiing on Fridays  7-11 p.m (December - mid-April)


  • Appr. 2000 km of different kinds of marked routes on Kuusamo area.
  • 240 km of cross country trails in Kuusamo area (40 km illuminated); out of these 125 km in Ruka (23 km illuminated).
  • First Snow Track in Ruka village with stored snow is open every year in mid-October. First Snow Track nearby Kuusamo centre (Petäjäkangas) will be opened  each October/November according to cold weather (man-made snow).
  • 500 km of marked, free-of-charge snowmobile routes and 100 km of safari organizers' own routes.
  • In the summer: 300 km of hiking routes, 180 km of biking routes, 350 km of classified paddling and boating routes.


  • In Ruka area appr. 30 restaurants & bars/pubs (almost 8.000 seats), out of which 10 on-mountain restaurants and several cafés; appr. 1000 seats on terraces
  • In the whole Kuusamo area over 60 restaurants & bars/pubs with over 15.000 seats

Other facilities:

  • Ruka pedestrian village consists of over 1000 visitor beds, 15 restaurants, 10 shops and underground parking for 320 cars right by the ski area.
  • Shopping Centre Kumpare: Ruka Info (tourist office), shops, kids' playground, bowling, saunas, massage, internet.
  • Kuusamon Tropiikki Spa: 3 saunas, large pool area and a big water slide. Angry Birds Activity Park.
  • Ruka Summer Sled Track is the longest one in Finland (1.001 m), Ruka Disc Golf Park, Mini golf.
  • About 40 safari organizers with varied programs and equipment rentals.
  • A new 18 hole golf course nearby Kuusamon Tropiikki Spa.
  • Ruka International Ski Jump Stadium: K120 and K64 jumps (K120/HS142 is the biggest year-round jump in Finland).
  • Karhuntassu Visitor Centre: Kuusamo Info (tourist office), internet, Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Centre, fishing permits, Kuusamo products, cafe.
  • SkiBus route around the ski resort and accommodation areas in Ruka and Kuusamo; free of charge in Ruka Ski Resort area..
  • Hiking bus transporting hikers to the starting points of Karhunkierros Trail as well as to the airport; year round. HossaBus from Ruka, Kuusamo and Kuusamo airport to Hossa during summer. 
  • Airport Bus from and to every flight at Kuusamo airport; year round.

Beds in hotels, apartments and cottages:

  • Altogether approximately 12.000 beds in Kuusamo area available for guests.
  • 6.900 holiday apartments and cottages in Kuusamo.


  • Appr. one million visitors in Kuusamo every year; 70 943 of these arrived by airplane 2020 (Finavia).
  • During 2018 there were 549 000 overnights, of which 467 000 were Finnish (85 %) and 82 700 (15 %) foreigners (this number does not include overnights in cottages). (Source: Tilastokeskus/Statistics Finland,
  • Visits in the area's national parks 2020: Oulanka 235 800, Hossa 111 300 and Riisitunturi 67 100 visits (source: Oulanka National Park's impact on the local economic was 18 MEur on 2019. (Source:

Other facts:

Climate and weather conditions in Kuusamo

The climate in Kuusamo region is more continental than in most other parts of Finland. The mean temperature of the year is around 0°C and the growing season is 135 days long. The ground is covered with snow around 200 days from the end of October till the middle of May. Winter conditions may cause a challenge for drivers, so please take a look at Driving in Finland

Our nature, waters and air are clean; we have the third cleanest air in the world. Even if we are high up in the north, Oulanka National Park has an amazing variety of rare or endangered species - due to its location in the intersection of three different climate areas.

Month Northern lights Snow depth cm Avg. temp C Hours of daylight
January appear 61 -14 5
February appear 70 -12 9
March appear 75 -8 13
April * 40 -2 17
May * 2 5 21
June * - 15 24
July * - 20 19
August * - 13 16
September appear 1 6 13
October appear 5 0 9
November appear 27 -6 5
December appear 42 -11 3

*) The Northern Lights appear throughtout the year, but they are difficult to see during the light summer nights. Find out more about the Northern Lights in Ruka-Kuusamo area >