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Friday 25.6.2021
Join us in celebrating the shortest night of the year! And in Finland the sun never really sets tonight!
10:00 - 20:00
Kesäkelkkamäki ja maisemahissi avoinna juhannuksen aikaan!
Enjoy a ride in the Scenery Lift up to the top of Ruka and a speedy slide downhill on the longest Summer Sled Track in Finland!
Rukan kesäkelkkarata 0400 101 605
18:00 - 18:20
Juhannuksen Lipunnosto
Finnish flag will be raised at Ruka village in front of Rukapalvelu's Safari House to honor the Midsummer festival. No entrance fee.
Juhannuskokko Rukalla
Welcome to celebrate Midsummer at Ruka village. No entrance fee.
An experience of music and arts in a high plain environment where the sun never sets. Solstice will rise on top of Rukatunturi midsummer 2022. This year’s Solstice will be moved to 2022. Solstice 2022 will take place 23.–25.6.2022.
Rukan maksuton viikko-ohjelma 2021 - Ruka Frisbeegolf
Learn about disc golf rules and throwing techniques. On Fridays at 15.00 during 22.6.-13.8.2021.