Kuusamo Nature Photo festival 2023

Slideshows, music and exhibitions at a world-class nature photography event!
15.9.2023 - 17.9.2023
Kuusamo hall and the unique nature in Kuusamo

Kaarlo Hännisen tie 2
93600 Kuusamo

Arts & Culture Adventure National Parks

The internationally acknowledged and most remarkable nature photography event Kuusamo Nature Photo Festival welcomes nature photographers and lovers of nature to the big spectacle of the autumn.

Nature photographers and lovers of nature photos gather again in Kuusamo. There are lots of interesting presentations, films and concerts. 

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Ticket price 64 €/person/3 days. 

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Kuusamo Nature Photo competition

The main categories of the Kuusamo Nature Photo competition are open to all participants. Three main categories: Category Hannu Hautala, Category Art of Nature, and Category Instagram Competition for Children and Youngsters. 

You can also take part in the competition with previously published photos and photos that have been used in other competitions both in Finland and abroad. 

More information coming soon!

Images on this page: Deer/Tuomas Heinonen