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Torangintaival 2
93 600
Puh/GSM+358 40 860 8365
All about Kuusamo! Tourist Centre Karhuntassu in the town of Kuusamo is worth visiting throughout the year! Tourist Centre Karhuntassu ("Bears Paw") is located at the road junction...
Rukatunturintie 9 / Kumpare
93 830
Book your safaris at Ruka Info!
Liikasenvaarantie 132
93 900
Puh/GSM +358 206 39 6850
The Oulanka Visitor Centre (in Finnish Oulangan Luontokeskus) is a customer service point of Metsähallitus where visitors of the Oulanka National Park are served. 
Rukankyläntie 8
93 830
Puh/GSM0400 101 605 PisteVuokraamo
Fax08-8600 201
Ski pass sales offices in Ruka There are several sales offices around the resort. The easiest way to buy your ski pass is in advance through internet! You even get online discount for .....