Bird watching

Where Eastern bird species meet North and South

The natural environs of Kuusamo provide a highly fascinating locale for birdwatchers. A keen bird observer can spot Eastern species, more likely to be seen in Kuusamo than anywhere else in Europe. Some of these birds are only seen in Kuusamo. For some Northern species, Kuusamo is their southernmost area of occurrence. 

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Birdwatching towers in Kuusamo

Birdwatching towers have been built in many places throughout Kuusamo. They are marked in the Ruka-Kuusamon Traveller's Map available for free in Ruka Info, super markets in Kuusamo centre and hotel receptions.  

Birdwatching tower Location Easy access
Toranki tower Lake Toranki  
Toranki platform Lake Toranki, Northern corner x
Jätäri tower Lake Toranki, Northwest corner  
Nilo platform Nilojoen river  
Antinperä tower Ruka East side  
Vasaraperä (Haataja) tower Lake Kitka, Vasaralahti  
Kaukosaari tower Lake Ala-Kitka, Kaukosaari  
Vuotunki tower Lake Vuotunki  
Nilojoki tower Lake Kuusamojärvi, near city centre  
Vihtasalmi tower Lake Kuusamojärvi, near city centre  
Olkivaara tower Suininki village (built by Pentti Kurvinen)  


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