Arts and culture

Art meets nature

Color spas, culture walks and art tours. Empowering art is available for both individual guests and small groups.

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Nature as the source for culture

The city of Kuusamo gave a declaration for preserving nature on 1993. According to the declaration, "nature has always been a source of all kinds of spiritual and material well-being and recreation for the people of Kuusamo. Nature has shaped the culture of Kuusamo to be original and self-sufficient, and the people of Kuusamo to be enterprising and hard-working. Just as Kuusamo is a meeting place for different habitats, it has always been a meeting place for different cultures."

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Old buildings as part of the local culture

Local culture is being preserved in Kuusamo in old buildings even though most of them were destroyed during the World Wars. Besides Kuusamo Outdoor Museum, one can visit old premises in Iisakki Village, Isokenkäisten Klubi, Pohjolan Pirtti and Pohjolan Kievari. Also the water meadows along Oulanka river are an interesting part of the local cultural history.