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Arcesi Oy - Designing Northern Interiors

We are a design company specializing in interior decoration and furniture design. We focus on interior architecture, and space as an aesthetic, functional, and experiential concept. Our location in the north, at the foot of Rukatunturi Fell in Kuusamo offers us a creative and colourful natural environment with many magnificent decoration materials. On the other hand, Helsinki with its rich design world is only an hour’s flight away from us. Deep understanding of the requirements of our clients, fluent communication, and reaching the set goals in a visually and functionally successful way is important to us.

A successful décor is functional and welcoming, whether you are spending time at home or at work!

We provide professional solutions to matters of interior decoration. We create comprehensive and detailed interior design plans. We are happy to take on all types of projects, from decorating entire building to designing the interior of a single room.

More information about Designing Northern Interiors

Our interior design service includes:
comprehensive interior design plans
partial interior design plans
colour design
space design
surface material design
furnishing plans
textile and curtain design
lighting plans
visual designs of fireplaces
acoustics improvement plans
furniture design
home decorating
commercial space decorating
public space decorating
leisure home decorating

Please be welcome to call us! You can find your designer and all the other services for decoration and contacts for renovation by one call  +358 50  5637545!