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Sport House Ruka - All in one place!

Snowmobile rental
We rent out new, four-stroke, two-seater snowmobiles to be enjoyed, as well as sport snowmobiles that possess the best driving-features on the market for those who desire speed. Before driving off, we will provide you with all the necessary driving gear, route recommendations and instructions on how to get the most out of your snowmobile.

Safaris and programme services
Join us on a snowmobile safari! Experience the nature and landscapes of the Ruka area, under the safe instruction of a professional guide. Check out our prepared safari options on our website. Various programmes can be connected to the safaris, from campfire coffee and reindeers, to dog sledding. According to your wishes, we can also customize sauna evenings, lunch served out in the wilderness or even a meal in a high class restaurant. Ask, request, order - we will arrange and serve.

Ski rental and maintenance
We rent out high-quality equipment for skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Our professional staff will guide you through the selection of the equipment.
Our ski maintenance service will wax the bottoms and sharpen edges of alpine skis, and wax cross-country skis quickly, and in a professional manner.

Store and test center
Our store contains skis, ski boots, ski goggles and helmets, ski waxes and accessories. New Rossignol alpine skis can be tested in our test center. Snowmobile helmets, goggles, gloves, protectors, oils and the most common BRP variator belts. Please also ask us about our test skis and used rental equipment for sale.

You can find us at Rukanportti, in an adjacent building to S-market. You can reach us by car and free SkiBus conveniently to our door and snow mobile routes can pass directly to and from our courtyard.