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+358 40 860 8392 (emengencies only)
Rukankyläntie 6

Ruka Parkhaus

Park your car comfortably indoors!

Partially heated parking hall is available for all visitors in Ruka. There is an indoor access to Shopping Center Kumpare, RukaSuites and Hotel RukaVillage as well as entrance to the slopes nearby Piste and Rukahovi. 

Access with cars 24 h year round

Parking fees:  € 1,5 / hour and € 15 / day

  • Pay by:  Cash, Visa, Euro Card, Master Card
  • Restricted access during nighttime for drivers only:  Entrance with parking ticket through doors P1 (Shopping Center) and P2 (Slopes)
  • Drive in / out:  Rukatunturintie and Rukankyläntie
  • Access to hall by foot:  Doors P1 (Shopping Center) and P2 (Slopes) as well as drive-in entrance Rukankyläntie
  • Maximum height:  2,4 m (adequate for a high car and ski box). Other limitations are visible at drive-ins.

Parking hall Operations: Kuusamon kaupunki, Yhdyskuntatekniikan toimiala, Kaiterantie 22 (City of Kuusamo, Community Engineering)