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Restaurants in Ruka and Kuusamo

A visit to Ruka and Kuusamo gives you the chance to enjoy yourself in glorious natural surroundings, but you can also take the opportunity for a mouthwatering tour of splendid Finnish and European cuisine.

Eating outlets to choose from include cafés, pizzerias, bars, fast-food restaurants and high-class à la carte restaurants. The area has about 50 restaurants offering European cuisine and a varied menu of traditional Finnish delicacies cooked by top chefs using local game and poultry. Most eating places are open year-round. Restaurants located directly on the mountain slopes are particularly popular. Many restaurants in Ruka and Kuusamo also host lively evening celebrations, concerts, live music and dancing, and karaoke competitions.

Night life in Ruka

Life never stops in Ruka and the night-time is particularly lively through the winter months. You should note that our bars and night clubs are for adults only with a lower age limit ranging from 18 to 20 years old depending on club rules and nature of the entertainment. A detailed description of events and entertainments can be found in the Events Calendar

Local cuisine & Wild Food

Most of our restaurants offer dishes made exclusively from local products. Try fresh and tasty berries, mushrooms, game, and fish cooked according to national recipes. Local products are available at some of the local stores and supermarkets. You can also have meals delivered to your doorstep. Our summer and winter weekly programmes include special days for cooking and tasting local dishes.