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Oulanka National Park Visitor Centre

 Tel. 040 732 5615
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Opening hours, following 7 days:
Do 27.11. Fr 28.11. Sa 29.11. So 30.11. Mo 1.12. Di 2.12. Mi 3.12.
10-16 10-16 10-16 - - 10-16 10-16

The Oulanka Visitor Centre (in Finnish Oulangan Luontokeskus) is a customer service point of Metsähallitus where visitors of the Oulanka National Park are served. 

You can get information on hiking, camping, the National Park as well as other neighbouring nature preservation areas from here. The Visitor Centre also provides all the necessary licences and maps.The Visitor Centre is located on the Karhunkierros Trail (Bear’s Trail), the distance to Kiutaköngäs rapids is 1 km.

On the Kiutaköngäs Trail ( 2 km), you can admire the magnificent landscape along the banks of the River Oulankajoki and experience the surging of the Kiutaköngäs Rapids at the majestic red dolomite cliffs. The starting point for the trail is the Oulanka Visitor Centre parking area. The trail can be used for hiking year-round. A new covered campfire site will be completed at the Kiutaköngäs Rapids in autumn 2013. 

The Visitor Centre grounds also serve as the starting point for two short trails: Hiiden Hurmos Culture Trail (5 km) and Rytisuo Nature Trail (7.5 km). The trails take visitors to light pine forests, small mires and tranquil riverside landscapes. In winter, both trails can be walked with snowshoes. The Könkään Keino Day-Trail (8 km) leads you first down the Hiiden Hurmos Culture Trail and then heads to a streamside herb-rich forest full of ostrich ferns (Matteuccia struthiopteris) along the River Merenoja, and returns to the Visitor Centre along the banks of the River Oulankajoki. Finland’s most popular hiking trail, the Karhunkierros Hiking Trail (80 km), leads through Oulanka National Park.

The café at the Visitor Centre, SafariCafé Susi, offers cafeteria services and meals, soup of the day, safari-info and sales, as well as hiking equipment hire services. From 10.11.2014 café is closed. Reservations and enquiries by telephone +358 40 913 6652.

Driving instructions: From Kuusamo along the Kemijärventie road (no. 5) - Sallantie road (no. 950) - Liikasenvaarantie road and the visitor centre is along this road before crossing Oulankajoki River.

Welcome to the Oulanka Visitor Centre!
Entrance is free-of-charge.

Location on Ruka webmap Location on Google Maps Address: 
Liikasenvaarantie 132,
93999 Kuusamo
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