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Snowshoe Walking

On snow shoes you get to exercise and admire magnificent sceneries - all at the same time!

Snowshoes fit most outdoor boots and shoes. You can also use snowshoes with snowboarding boots. There are different kinds of snowshoes according to the size (weight) of the person. You might also need a pair of downhill skiing poles, especially if there is a lot of snow and you are walking on steep hills or other uneven terrain.

Showshoeing routes in Ruka area

  • Juhannuskallio route, 300 m (starting point at the end of Juhannuskalliontie road, see for instance Ruka-Kuusamo Traveller's Map)
  • Pyhävaara route, 2 km: starting point along Rukajärventie road by TeliaSonera maintanance building; more information available form Kuusamo Info.

Wintertime routes starting from the Oulanka Visitor Centre
The Kiutaköngäs Trail (2 km) can also be hiked on foot during the wintertime and most of the time you probably manage without showshoes.

The Rytisuo snowshoe hiking area takes the hiker into the pine forests covered in bright white snow, open bog regions and tranquil riverside landscapes. The route follows the Rytisuo nature trail (7,5 km). There is a campfire spot around the halfway point on the banks of the Rytipuro Brook. The route is marked with pinecone and snowflake symbols.

Go on an exploration of the winter life along the Hiidenlampi Culture Trail on snowshoes (5 km). Throughout the year, the Oulanka National Park is home to eagles, hawks, owls, woodpeckers, crossbills, bullfinches, great blue tits, and plenty of other familiar Finnish birds. When hiking using snowshoes, you can see and experience the diversity of nature in a totally new and stunning way. Along the route is the Kiutaköngäs campfire spot.

Along the Oulanka wilderness trail from Juuma to Kiutaköngäs (26 km), you can admire the magnificent wintertime Oulanka with skis or snowshoes. The route is maintained 15 February–20 April once a week using snowmobiles and groomers. This non-illuminated route does not have a skiing track. The wilderness route is demanding due to its hilly and narrow characteristics. The route also has a connecting trail to Käylä and the skiing tracks of Ruka. Along the route are the wilderness cabins Ansakämppä and Jussinkämppä.

A showshoeing route in Petäjälampi is mentioned in our Winter Info 2012-2013 brochure, but unfortunately such a route does not exist.

More information about Oulanka routes is available on our summer website.

Our safari organizers have a variety of great trips for you - see the list below. Welcome!

Products in this category
Product name: Price: Duration: Company: Timeframe:
Snowshoehike to Oulanka National Park 89 € /adult 4 h Ruka Safaris Ltd 2.12.2014-12.4.2015