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Organizing everything to Perfection

Kuusamo is one of the most popular conference locations in Northern Finland. Our new Ruka Conference Centre enables even more versatile and bigger meetings, exhibitions and conferences. In Kuusamo and Ruka you will find meeting facilities for all purposes, whether you arrange a meeting for a couple of persons or a conference for 1500 people.

Ruka and Kuusamo area meeting facilities (PDF, 5 Mb)
Ruka and Kuusamo area meeting facilities (.pps, 9 Mb)
KuusamoLapland area meeting facilities (PDF, 11 Mb)
KuusamoLapland area meeting facilities (.pps, 29 Mb)

As easy as it can get!
An important characteristic of a conference in Kuusamo is the smoothness of the arrangements. Kuusamo is within easy reach both by road and air with Finnair flying here at least 6 days a week.

Conference and meeting facilities
Ruka Conference Center's location in the centre of Ruka Ski Resort and the variable meeting halls and rooms make it very popular as a meeting location. Be sure to make your bookings well in time!

The multifaceted Culture and Congress Center Kuusamo Hall utilizes state-of-the-art conference and sound reproduction technology. The premises adapt to the size and needs of your group. Excellent restaurant services and co-operation with other service providers make arranging your occasion smooth. 

Original Sokos Hotel Kuusamo  is at Kuusamo centre and has many meeting rooms to choose from, smaller ones and the 250 person Kuusamosali Hall. Kuusamon Tropiikki has many smaller meeting rooms.

Conferencing in the wilderness
Our safari organizers provide you numerous wilderness camps with gourmet catering and overnight accommodation for groups up to 100 guests. Traditional Finnish farming and logging buildings have also been transformed into exotic meeting locations.

Rukapalvelu has wilderness camps, Korpikoulu Daza and Pohjanseita, which offer "natural" enjoyment and stimuli in a suitable mix. 

If you really want to surprise your guests, take them to Kontioluola (Bear Cave), an underground meeting room and restaurant, where events for up to 350 guests can be arranged.

There are several reservation restaurants and wilderness camps for meetings and seminars. It's an excellent alternative for an ordinary conference room: guests get new ideas and the occasion will be remembered!

Other places for meetings

For further information please contact our sales services. You will need only one contact person - we are all familiar with the many options of Kuusamo.

Just give us an idea, and we'll do the rest!


Dozens of places for meetings
Great wilderness camps
New Ruka Conference Centre
Kuusamo House
Areena can take up to 1500 persons