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Products in this category

Experience the magic of the Midnight Sun in Nature’s Own Amusement Park!

In Kuusamo, the nightless night lasts from around mid-June till the end of the month. During this period the sun does not set at all, but shines on the tourists throughout the night. The nights of May and July are also very bright, even though the sun does drop below the horizon for just a short moment.

Take your first steps towards summer!
Early booking benefits available for friends of Ruka and Kuusamo:
Book two-day summer accommodation by the end of April
and get a third night free of charge. This special offer is valid for throughout June 2014 at all the accommodation places listed below:

Early bookings should be made with the accommodation no later than 30 April 2014.
This benefit cannot be combined with any other benefits.

Midnight Sun Specials
Your holiday can be further enhanced with the Midnight Sun Specials! You'll find the variety on activities below or in our Midnight Sun brochure, valid June 2014.

Products in this category
Product name: Price: Duration: Company: Timeframe:
Midnight Fishing Trip 70 € /person 4 h Palosaari Reindeer and Fishing Farm 1.6.2014-30.6.2014
Midnight Sun Canoeing Trip 99 € /person 5 h Rukapalvelu Ltd 1.6.2014-30.6.2014
Nightless Night Church Boat Trip and Hiking to Pyhävaara 55 € /person 3 h Ruka Safaris Ltd 1.6.2014-30.6.2014
Nightless Night RZR Experience Car Safari 79 € /person 2 h 30 min Ruka Safaris Ltd 1.6.2014-30.6.2014
Nightless Night Whitewater Rafting on the Kitkajoki River 50 € /person 3 h Ruka Adventures 1.6.2014-30.6.2014
Pyhäpiilo Midnight Summer Sauna 40 € /person 2 h Pyhäpiilo 1.6.2014-30.6.2014
Quadbike Safari to the Top of Ruka Fell 75 € /person 2 h Ruka Adventures 1.6.2014-30.6.2014
Whitewater Rafting in the Nightless Night: Juuma-Jelestimä 92 € /person 6 h 30 min Ruka Safaris Ltd 1.6.2014-30.6.2014