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Rukankyläntie 8

Ruka Scenery Lift & Summer Sled Track

Come and experience the Summer Sled Track!

Ruka Sled Track is an exciting way to descend the mountain: the run is 1 km long and offers speeds up to 60 km/h! The scenery lift also takes you down, if you just want to enjoy the fantastic views. The sled track is safe: everyone can choose his or her own speed. In the case of rain, the run is closed for safety reasons and will be opened in 1-2 hours after the rain. For more accurate opening hours, please call +358 400 101 649. 

The lookout lift takes you up to the mountain to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ruka and Kuusamo. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Russia!

Tickets for Summer Sled Track are sold at the Lookout Lift station. 

Ruka Lookout Lift & Summer Sled Track are open during summer 2017 as follows:
16.6.-22.6. every day from 10 to 18
Midsummer eve 23.6. from 10 to 01
24.6.-5.8. every day from 10 to 20
6.8.-2.9. every day from 11 to 18
8.9 - 9.9 from 11 to 18
15.9 - 16.9 from 11 to 18

You can fish next to the Lookout Lift in Kaltiolampi.  Fishing licence is 10 € / day / 1 fish (salmon). Extra fish 7 €. Fishing is allowed during the Lookout Lift opening hours. Fishing licences can be bought from Lookout Lift down station, where also fishing equipment are rented 5 € / day.

Fishing at Kaltiolampi