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Ruka Holiday store
E.g., 24.10.2017
Ruka Holiday store
Summer in Ruka and Kuusamo is full of adventures. Rafting, canoeing, hiking, biking, fishing, horseback riding and lots of other activities are waiting for you!

Ruka Holiday store
Flight, train, bus...

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Ruka Holiday store
Offers & Packages

Package deals and offers for the whole Ruka-Kuusamo area - book now!

Ruka Holiday store
Tickets to the best night clubs!

The top Finnish artists and the best party in the nights clubs of Ruka village.

Ruka Holiday store
Ski Passes
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Mountain biking

Mountain biking is popular in Kuusamo area. Especially Ruka Ski Resort has lots of suitable terrain, and other routes are being developed.

Ruka biking routes

There are plenty of routes in Ruka area that can be used on mountain bikes: Valtavaara route (eastern side, not on Karhunkierros Trail section), Salmilammin/Valkeisenvaara route and all gravel roads and paths on/around Ruka ski resort. Routes are marked with a turquoise colour in Ruka Summer Slope Map. The same map is available in print as Ruka-Kuusamo Traveller's Map and Ruka Summer Info brochure at Ruka Info, Kuusamo Info and hotel receptions in the area.  

There are also other users on ski resort routes (including maintenance vehicles), so please be cautious. Please note also the changes in biking routes during summer 2017

Ruka-Kuusamo Summer Map

Biking routes in Kuusamo

There are alltogether 500 km of marked biking routes in Kuusamo area, with variable length and difficulty. Most of the routes are marked along roads, only some routes are marked on terrain in the forests. There's unfortunately no up-to-date biking route map in the area. 

Oulanka National Park & Karhunkierros hiking route: Biking is officially allowed on the section Oulanka Visitor Centre - Taivalköngäs, but due to the amount of hikers on the Karhunkierros route biking is not recommended. More information: Oulanka Visitor Centre, 0206 396 850,

More information about Kuusamo biking routes is available in Kuusamo Info

Fat biking at Ruka-Kuusamo 

During the summer fat biking is allowed in Ruka and Kuusamo area on the same routes as mountain biking. Fat bike rental: Sport House RukaRuka SafarisRukapalvelu ja RukaStore. During the winter fat biking is allowed on the following winter routes: Oulanka wilderness ski trail (more information in section Cross country skiing), Pieni Karhunkierros, Kiutaköngäs, Riisitunturi, Pyhävaara and Juhannuskallio. Please watch out for other trail users. 

Guided bike trips and bike rental

Bikes can be rented via RukaStoreKuusamo SafarisRukapalvelu and Ruka Safaris. Sokos Hotel Kuusamo has so called city bikes for the use of their hotel guests. 

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Up and downhill mountain biking tour around Ruka fell
130€ / Group
Rentals for summer, Fatbike
20€ / Person
Product name Price Duration Company Season
Rentals for summer, Fatbike 20€ / Person 3 h 22.05.2016 - 15.12.2017